14 november 2019


Popular in Europe. New in The Netherlands! The international EBC*L  E-learning business course for those who want to start up an international career. For those who want to start up a  business. For those who want to be international. For those who need to do business in English.  Are you interested? Look to our video and try our demo.  Still interested? Send an e-mail: Office@ebcl.nl.

Why EBC*L ? The backbone of a knowledge-based society with a healthy economic system has to promote a new modern way of career development, job finding and encouraging entrepreneurship, in particular among youth. The long-life-learning-concept of EBC*L  with E-learning opportunities is offering this.

The main objective of EBC*L is to assist everyone in acquiring fundamental business knowledge for better career and job chances, as well as encouraging at least some  to start up their own entrepreneurship, thus contributing to the development of a local small and medium-sized enterprise (SME).

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